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The community here is the most decent community on whole world wide web network, so, before joining this community you should ensure that you are a decent chatter who can be nice to everyone with a friendly attitude. This community respects every religion and every race, so, for that purpose only, discussing or promoting of any religion or race is strictly prohibited over here. Since this community is there for learning, improving, practicing and teaching language ‘ENGLISH’, other languages are not allowed in this community although we respect all languages.

By joining it shall be considered that you have already read all the rules, terms and conditions of this chat.

To join our chat room, scroll down and find the chat room, put a decent nick name in the space provided and click Join and start chatting. You may like to know some of the useful commands and other information about this chat. To know it go to Chat Commands.

Apart from learning through chatting, people can practice and improve their reading and writing skill by reading and writing articles, they can discuss their problems and share knowledge. People who feels like helping others can participate as a Guide to learners. They can start their own topics to be discussed and moderation of same.

If below chat is not working, please join at Alternate Backup Room.

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174 thoughts on “English Chats”

  1. Hi People!!

    This comment section will be closed soon due to some reason!

    We have new comment section (please scroll up and use that) now.
    Hope you all will like it!


      1. aaaw… are you not able to see fb comment section a little above?
        try clearing cookies!!

    1. Hey Hiba.. nice to see you here… :)

      Please join our chat room regularly to improve your English..

      Dont get nervous! just remember if you think you can , then YOU CAN! :)


    1. yeah! we all here to help you :)
      please join our chat room above, regularly, and book mark the page! also join our fb page to get updates!

    2. i’m here if u want to speak with me i learn english too so it will be cool if we have chat

  2. Hey all.We are having a competition for the topic.The ones who want to participate can post their topics below or in the shoutbox with their name or nickname.The best ones will be kept the topic for the month in the English Chats Chatroom -Team EC

    1. Yeah… please join our chat room above.. you will get us online..

      please also invite your friends to be here.. if you can!! :)

      thanks for joining us…

  3. I am new chatter so i hope you accept my freindship
    i joined to practice my english language, so nice to meet you

  4. Always be happy, always wear a smile, not b’coz life is full of reasons to smile but b’coz your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile.:) So always Smile nd be a reason for others to smile :)

    1. That’s right ,but sometimes we need to smile to persuade our selves we’re happy and nothing in life deserves to be sad

  5. hey guys ! im a newbie of this page ! who is the admin of this chatroom? i hope guys you’ll be a good friends in this page. Have a great day :D

    #Welcome !

  6. A message to everyone :)

    Guys and girls!

    I am already out of this chat room for some studies and i will not be able to join the room till mid of this June.. its quite a long time.. and yeah so i am missing all of you!! :(

    During the last few days, many times, I tried to join the room and also got in.. well i ascertained my time to come here.. but sad!! i was so unlucky that most of the times i got no one to chat.. ummm but now i cant even ascertain times as now, there is lack of time lol

    Spammers and abusers.. dont be happy… if there is no cyclone still there will be spam and abuse less EC.. already protected by our admins :D

    Guyz, thanks to all for being with us… I could know that most of you use to come just for me.. :$ try to come for EC now ;) if you can!

    Your choices are always there ;) EC or no EC.. :P

    But after my arrival EC is gonna be full of chatters.. but now in my absence, that would be so nice of you all.. if you put your presence here like before :)

    Almost all of the chatters of EC are like an awesome family founded by EC :P this family obviously gonna miss a member of this family if he/she forgets or stops being with us.. just because that missing feeling of our heart ;) so if you have the same feeling then why you gonna miss us lol stay with us ;D..

    yeah but i am sorry… i will have to miss you all till June and if you do in turn then ^_^

    Wait for me guyz ooops galzzz :P

    umm… the stats of this site shows that there are many new users coming each day but they are not getting our weird family lol.. so new comers if you want decent chat or English Chat then please come again if you getting this room empty.. bookmark us.. because the room can be empty temporarily!!

    and also, please! if you have fb and if you wish to stay connected with us for updates, quotes etc then give a hit to our fb page http://www.facebook.com/chatandmasti

    Tata~ :)

      1. if you want to improve your English or want to interact with decent chatters around the world.. then join our main room @ http://www.englishchats.in for dating you can check our other rooms from the menu…


  7. “Awesome Answers :
    1- Principal: Are You Chewing Gum?
    Student: No, I’m Human Being..!!
    2- Wife: We Are Having Mother For Dinner
    Husband: But Darling, I’m Vegetarian..!!
    How Can I Eat Her??
    3- Will These Stairs Take Me To The 2nd
    No, You’ll Have To Walk As Well..!!
    4- Girl: I Have Changed My Mind..!!
    Boy: Thank God, But Does The New One
    Works? ;) x) :P :D”

  8. Galileo used lamp to study,
    used candle, Shakespeare used
    Moral : Sab apne jaise hi the, Din
    timepass aur Raat mai
    nautanki…!! :D

  9. All girls are beautiful,
    after the lights are switched off! :p :p
    - Shakespeare.
    All boys are innocent,
    Before the lights are off! :D :D
    - Shakespeare’s wife

  10. Cutest love story ♥
    A Small Boy Girl were Playing HIDE n
    She sent SMS: ‘If u find me, You can
    marry me..
    If You cant, i wont tell u that i’m
    hiding near the door… :)

  11. Wife:-Lagta hai Hamari beti ki kisi ke
    saath setting ho gyi hai . ..
    Husband:-Tumhe kaise

    pataa ? ? ? ? ?
    Wife:-Bahut Din ho gaye mobile
    Recharge ke Paise nahi maange
    usne . . . :p :p

  12. A bird was disturbing a girl all the
    Finally she caught it & decided to
    kill it cruelly.
    . .
    . .
    She took it to the top of a building
    & dropped it.
    “After all Girls are so intelligent”.. :P

  13. When a very sweet
    and Close person goes to far from us,

    We May or May not say
    But Our heart says to their heart

    “You Made Me Alone”.. ! :/ :(

  14. Biggest problem in love :(

    Good guy gets wrong girl, good girl gets
    wrong guy,

    they fall in love and good ones get cheated..
    now good guy thinks all girls are fraud and
    good girl thinks all guys are Flirt..
    when good guy meets good gal they avoid
    falling in love and become just good friends…
    aNd when they continue for longer they come
    to know that they are in love and now they
    dont have guts to xpress as they have
    already been cheated…!
    And so the true love dies..!!

  15. “.”.” Zindagi sukh dukh ki
    paheli h “.”.”

    “.”.” Sukh me to sbhi
    pyar krte hn “.”.”

    “.”.” Par jo dukh me
    pyar kre “.”.”

    “.”.” Whi apka scha
    pyar h “.”.”

    “.”.” Wo na mile to
    rona mat “.”.”

    “.”.” ouR mile to
    khona mat “.”.”

  16. A Dumb Boy Loves A Scholar Girl *

    Boy: I Love U

    Girl: But U Are Such A Dumb ..

    How Will U Prove That ??

    Boy: I’m bad in English, but I can tell u ” I love

    I’m bad at maths, but I know that you can
    count on me…

    I’m bad at Science, but our chemistry is

    I’m bad at Geography, but I can tell you that
    you live in my heart ♥

    Girl: Aww.. U Are Amazing,I Love U Too….♥_♥

  17. Hard Fact About Youngsters :


    They Are Always Busy Watching The Desktop Wallpapers,

    Whenever Their Parents Enter In Their Room..!! :P :D

  18. Ek raat ik Shakhs ne Chand se
    poocha ki,
    Ae chaand!
    Bata mera mehboob kya kar raha
    hai ?

    Chand bola:
    “Beta dekh,
    Pehli baat toh yeh ki main Tere baap
    naukar nahi hoon,
    Doosri baat ye ki itni uparse Kuch
    nahi dikhta,
    Teesri baat ye ki Chichora pan Tum
    zameen tak hi Rakho, mereko isme
    involve mat karo….

  19. Life is like inbox which contains a lot of letters, these letters are memories, indeed.
    Aha! Thanks to life who also provides ‘BULK/SPAM’ for useless and annoying memories! We need to simply mark them as spammed and thus they dont disturb anymore in our dear inbox!
    But silly, we!! we mark it accidently or by mistake and look for sweet memories in inbox!! Hell! Stupidity!! We often ignore ‘bulk’ :(
    so, buddies!! Now check out your bulky bulk to meet some ignored memories among unwanted letters! May be you get one ;)
    this message of mine is DAMN boring! But having meaning……..
    with lots of love,
    a letter from your inbox!
    alias SPAMMER! xD

  20. Deepest love is the biggest sorrow in the world..Never love a person more then ur
    life it wil kill u alot when u miss a person… :( :( :( :( :(

      1. Ma laptop i snt working :( so i m nt able to come online over here :(((( nw i cme frm cyber…missing u a lot sunny,angel,snow,chow,close,diana a lottttttttttt :(

  21. Tere Naam Se Jo Tadap Jaye Woh Insaan Hoon Mein,
    Teri Yaadon Se Bahut Preshaan Hoon Mein,
    Aa Dekhle Phir Ek Baar Us Nazar Se,
    Tune Chaha Tha Jise Wohi “Aashiq” Hoon Mein.

  22. khwabon K Bina Neendo Ki Khwaish Na Karna,
    Pyar K Bina Jine Ki Duaein Na Karna,
    Jo Tumse Juda Hokar Ji Nhi Sakte,
    Unse Kabhi Dur Jane Ki Koshish Na Karna.-DazzLiNG_BoY

  23. I’ll Be Your Friend

    Walk with me if you want
    walk beside me
    Talk to me if you want
    talk to me
    Listen if you want
    I’ll listen back
    ask and seek advice
    don’t be afraid
    I’ll help
    I will always be there
    In good times and bad times
    In happy and sad times
    I will follow you through life
    I will be your friend.

  24. Because Of You

    Because of you
    my world is now whole,
    Because of you
    love lives in my soul.
    Because of you
    I have laughter in my eyes,
    Because of you
    I am no longer afraid of good-byes.
    You are my pillar
    my stone of strength,
    With me through all seasons
    and great times of length.
    My love for you is pure
    boundless through space and time,
    it grows stronger everyday
    with the knowledge that you’ll always be mine.
    At the altar
    I will joyously say ‘I do’,
    for I have it all now
    and it’s all because of you.

  25. ” Do you ever put your arms out and spin and spin and spin?
    Well that’s what love is like. Everything around you tells you
    to stop before you fall, but you just keep going. “-DazzLinG_BoY(The Love <3 Bird)

  26. Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss.

  27. Once u hv feelings for someone.
    those feelings wil always be there!
    u may nt lyk them
    but u wl care!!!
    tell who is ‘them’ here, :p

  28. Husband and wife in a restaurant, husband drinking beer says ‘I Love You!’
    Wife asked him, is this you speaking or your beer? :o
    Husband replies, its me speaking to beer, you shut up! :P

  29. Son: Dad, this boy in school
    keeps calling me gay..
    Dad: Then why don’t you just
    beat him up.
    Son: I can’t, he’s too cute.. :p :p


  31. kisko sapna lage tu,kisiko behti hawa,kisiko bas yaadomein kare pal mein yaha waha,kiski sau jhoot sun le,kisika sach bi guna,Te amo me te amo tu dhup hain tu shav hain te amo me te amo tere hazaron roop hain

  32. Friends r like starts,You dnt find them wherever you go but you still knw dat dey r always der with u….:)…

  33. Life is like a dice..it has 2 sides happyness and sadness,you never nw wch 1 is w8ting at d other side………..:P

  34. DazzLing_Boy Says :Gd mrng to all..Hve a nice and plsnt day ahead..:) ;) :P Bomba bomba bombastic english chats is fantasic :D

  35. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly return.

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  37. Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away.

  38. what is love?

    its love when a little baby puts all her energy to give her daddy a head massage to relief his headache.
    its love when a wife makes tea for her husband and takes a sip before him to check if tea is okay.
    its love when mother gives her son the best piece of cake and he passes it to her younger sister..

    in fact it doesnt matter whether love is expressed in words are not.. its the way it happens..
    dont go on commitments but realize the love you are offered! xD

    1. oh shit!! :(
      we are missing you :(

      the chatters generally dont see the comments here..

      well try to use the site in PC version not in Mobile Version…

      ugh.. anyway how r u?

      1. The sad thing is, is that for some reason it won’t let me view your entire comment :3. It only shows like 1-2 words and then goes…
        Like this
        Like this…
        Like this
        D:. I’ll try to use my laptop, but I got grounded yesterday -.-, so it’ll be hard to talk to you all.
        Till later, stay strong, I’ll be here soon, everyone ;).

        1. oh. .. so sad! but in your ipad… try to turn desttop view .. it might be in mobile view.. hope to see u soon.. miss u..

  39. Budha Budhi Ki Kahani

    1 budha aya saath me 1
    budhiya ko laya
    Hotel me ja k waiter ko
    ‘ Dono ne apna-apna order

    Pehle budhe ne khaya,
    ne pankha hilaya
    ‘ Fir budhiya ne khaya,
    budhe ne
    pankha hilaya

    Ye dekh k Waiter sharmaya
    usne farmaya
    ‘ Aye Laila Majnu k Maa Baap
    Tum dono me itna pyar hai
    khana 1 sath Q nahi khaya ?

    Is par budhe ne farmaya!!!
    Hehehe, Hanso mat yarr
    budha nhi batayega :P

    budhiya ne farmaya!!!

    Beta tera sawal to nek hai
    Par hmare pas Daanto ka set
    sirf ek hai :-D :-D :-

  40. Must Read It ……Dil aur Ankho dono me purani yadein taza ho jayengi….

    Aaj fir school jaane ko dil karta
    hai subah-subah jaldi uth, nahane ko
    dil karta hai,
    school dress pahan kr tie lagane ko dil
    karta hai,
    Aaj fir Line me lagkar prayer karne ko
    karta hai,
    Ek dusre ko dhakka de aage
    badhne ko dil karta hai,
    Aaj fir Class ke khali period me kagaj ke
    aeroplane udane ko dil karta hai,
    Lunch time me ek dusre ka tifin
    kahne ko dil karta hai,
    Aaj firr Class me mam ke questions
    puchne par chupchap khade hone ka
    dil karta hai,
    Home work na karne aur dher sare
    bahane banana
    ka dil
    karta hai,
    Aaj firr Social science ke period me
    sone ka dil karta
    Chutti ke intezar me bell bajne ka
    dil karta hai,
    Aaj firr Un dosto ke sath baate karne
    aur ladne
    jhagdne ka dil karta hai,
    Sab kuch bhul jaankar mast hone ka dil
    karta hai,
    Aaj fir school jaane ka dil karta

  41. If you love two people at the same time, Choose the second.
    Because if you really LOVED the First One,
    You would not have fallen for the SECOND.

  42. English chats act 1978 says if you dont obey the rules and regulations you get banned and if u eat others head you get life time ban…:)
    So dnt force the mods to apply act 78 on you nw…be safe be happy…chilll nd enjoy the chats…—>>mind it :D

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